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About Me

I am a professional freelance writer and technology journalist with several years of experience. I'm passionate about the world of technology with a particular focus on smartphones, consumer electronics, games, and software. I currently write regularly for Digital Trends, Tech Radar, VentureBeat, Android Authority, Deal News, I am a contributor to Beckett Media's Phone Apps magazines, and I also write about Edinburgh for 10Best Travel Media Group at USA TODAY.

In addition to my regular jobs I take on various projects for private clients on a rolling basis. This includes ghost writing everything from ebooks to thought leadership pieces, mainly, but not exclusively, in the technology sector.

Selection of Published Articles

If you would like to discuss a job or you want to see some other specific examples of my work then please email me at

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Over the last decade I have written for a wide variety of websites and publications. While I was studying at the University of Edinburgh for my Masters in Scottish History I also developed a number of websites and wrote all of the content. This led on to a few freelance jobs. After my degree I went to work in the games industry for several years starting off as a Games Tester and working my way up to become a Game Designer and eventually a Producer. I left the Producer role in July of 2008 to pursue a full time freelance writing career and haven't looked back.

Employment History

Creative Director at Rock The Deadline (Jan 2012 - August 2012)

As one of the first employees at RTD my first task was to help design and create the editorial policy and establish our workflow. My role involved keeping on top of the latest developments in mobile technology and predicting future trends. Day to day I could be ghostwriting thought leadership pieces for high profile publications and websites, writing corporate blogs, creating content marketing plans, or ensuring the best producer for an individual content request was briefed and ready to go. I worked with publishers to provide the content they needed on time and on budget. I ensured that editorial standards were of the highest quality. I was also responsible for identifying, recruiting and training producers.

Managing Editor of the Mobile Channels at Bright Hub (May 2010 - November 2011)

I wrote a number of articles for Bright Hub and graduated from Senior Writer to Contributing Editor before eventually being offered the Managing Editor job. In the Mobile Channels I took monthly traffic from below 500,000 up to a high of 3.5 million. I researched and created around 200 article ideas every month and managed a team of writers and editors. I also applied my keen understanding of SEO and a feel for what would be popular in the months to come, especially in the tech space, to improve the quality of content, increase traffic and engage readers.

Producer and Designer at Outerlight (May 2003 - July 2008)

I was the first employee at Outerlight after the directors and so my role encompassed everything from developing the initial IP, hiring a team, scheduling and running the project to pitching at publishers, level design, generating and maintaining design documentation, promoting the game, running the beta test and successfully launching our first title The Ship which scored an average 76% on Metacritic and won Most Innovative Design of 2006 at IGN.

Lead Tester at VIS Entertainment (February 2002 - April 2003)

I oversaw the testing of a number of titles at VIS and managed multiple test teams. While working at VIS I also conducted interviews, implemented new processes for training and worked hard at building morale in order to fill the necessary overtime.

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